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Consumers Requesting Your Advertisement

The company maintains a database of 125 million U.S. consumers that have requested to receive offers, specials and information from local business. Each consumer record contains the email address, physical address, consumer name, and date and time stamp when the consumer opted into the database.

EMAIL to ZIP advertisers work on a Zip Code targeted basis. When creating a marketing list using EMAIL to ZIP, advertisers have the option to choose specific Zip Codes they wish to market to, or alternatively do a radius search to identify available data within a certain distance from their location(s).

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Associated with each Zip Code in a marketing list are relevant demographics, including average household income, average household value, and residential density. If identifying demographics on an individual basis is required, The database has over 400 demographics and lifestyle characteristics to choose from.

Advertisers are able to pick and choose those Zip Codes they wish to include in their marketing list, and exclude consumers and communities that do not interest them.

As a result of the quality of the data, including the optin nature of the database and the accuracy of the information, EMAIL to ZIP users experience strong response rates.


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