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Proven Advertising for Your Business

EMAIL to ZIP is a proven advertising service that is more effective and a fraction of the cost of radio, newspaper or direct mail.  We have already conducted thousands of successful campaigns for businesses across the U.S. and the results have been outstanding.

EMAIL to ZIP connects local businesses by email with consumers in a relevant market area that have opted into receiving offers, specials and information from local businesses.

There are no hidden costs or contracts to sign.

EMAIL to ZIP is an all purpose marketing platform that is effectively used by nearly every type and kind of business. Since most businesses do not maintain a lot of email contacts, we provide the data for you.
Whether you are looking for a particular consumer, (income levels, sporting interests, presence of children, age, etc.), or are looking to market directly to folks in your neighborhood, EMAIL to ZIP delivers.


» Advertising Agencies
» Auto Dealers
» Franchises
» General Business
» Real Estate
» Restaurants
» Retail
» Partner Programs

Additionally, EMAIL to ZIP can enhance your customer database with email append, or cleanup your customer data with National Change of Address processing (NCOA) and Email Change of Address processing (ECOA).

Please refer to the galleries for ideas on recent campaigns that we have delivered.


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