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The Internet Revolution has resulted in a dramatic shift away from traditional forms of media, such as newspapers and television, leading to most consumers communicating and sourcing their information via the Internet.

Consequently, email marketing campaigns, when compared to other forms of advertising, provide a more effective and far less expensive marketing medium as illustrated by the table below:

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In addition to email marketing's advantages in distribution, the interactive nature of email advertisements provides an advertiser with three "bites at the apple":
  • Subject Line: The subject line is the equivalent of outdoor advertising - it is branding. Whether the consumer opens the advertisement or deletes it they need to first read the subject line. Therefore, Email to Zip counsels its customers to include the name of their business and city/location in the subject line, thereby receiving a valuable impression for each email sent
  • Opens: When a consumer opens the mailpiece, the advertisement appears - including the phone number. The open is the equivalent of direct mail or a newspaper advertisement.
  • Clicks: When a consumer clicks on the advertisement, the consumer is redirected to the advertiser's website or landing page. The click is the equivalent of a search engine or internet yellow pages click.

Email advertising's effectiveness will continue to trend upwards, as more traditional forms of advertising trend lower, as reflected by the following facts:
  • June, 2010 there were 239,893,600 internet users in the U.S., representing 77.3% of the U.S. consumers. (Nielsen/NetRatings)
  • Newspaper circulations have been experiencing significant declines - "The long decline in newspaper circulation over the years continues to accelerate, with sales in the spring and summer [of 2008] falling almost 5 percent from the previous year, figures released on Monday show, deepening the financial strain on the industry." (New York Times)
  • Radio advertising effectiveness continues to decrease as more consumers listen to satellite radio in their cars - estimates are that 35.6 million Americans will subscribe to a satellite radio service by 2010, up from 9.3 million in 2005. Additionally, radio advertising is not locally targeted.
  • Consumers in about 30% of U.S. homes currently use TiVo or devices known as digital video recorders (DVR's) to skip commercials, according to Standard & Poor's Equity Research. Additionally, as with radio advertising, television advertising is not locally targeted.
  • Cost: Postage and telemarketing expenses continue to rise, limiting the amount of advertising via such medium, while email's effectiveness and low cost drive a better value proposition.
  • Below is the Local Advertising Score™ which details email advertising's value proposition when compared to other advertising mediums:

  • Locally Targeted: Because each record in the Email to Zip database contains the email address, name and physical address of the consumer, we are able to ensure that when a business emails an advertisement to a consumer that the person actually lives in the targeted community.
  • Interactive: The ability to click through to a website makes an email advertisement interactive - only internet search engines and internet yellow pages can claim to be interactive as well.
  • Trackable: The ability to instantly know how many consumers opened and clicked on the email advertisement makes it trackable - generally only internet search engines and internet yellow pages can claim to be trackable as well (unless an advertiser is using designated telephone numbers per advertisement or is identifying coupons with bar codes, for instance).
  • Advertiser Initiated: Email advertisements do not wait for the consumer to find the advertiser, rather the advertiser is approaching the consumer.
  • Single Advertiser: Other than direct mail, all other local advertising medium co-op the advertising message, meaning multiple advertisements appear simultaneously or in and around the same time.
  • Actionable Audience: When the consumer receives the email advertisement, they are able to take action, whether clicking, buying or calling.
  • Immediate Deployment: There is no waiting with Email to Zip, an advertisement can be developed from list to creative and delivered in mere minutes, unlike traditional forms of advertising which can take weeks.
  • No Contracts: Unlike virtually all other advertising no contract is required.
  • No Minimum: Unlike virtually all other advertising, with Email to Zip's Automated Service, there is no minimum spend requirement.
  • Ability to Forward: Email marketing is the only true viral marketing medium - meaning that people can forward your advertisements to others.

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