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Providing a Full Service Offering

We are at the forefront of the changing marketplace, providing the right interactive advertising service to fit your needs. From automated email advertisement services, to fully customized services, EMAIL to ZIP stands ready and able to earn your business.

Automated Services marries full 'do it yourself' automation with a dynamic database of 125 million unique consumers. Our distribution supercomputing technology ensures delivery of ordered emails to prospects' inboxes. This enabling technology puts the power of Zip Code targeted email marketing in the hands of all businesses regardless of size, creating a unique value proposition for local advertisers. Learn more »

Automated Services

» EMAIL to ZIP Method
» Email Phonebook
Custom Services
» Demographics
» Append Services
» Match & Mail
» Database Maintenance
» AlumTouch

Demographics & Lifestyle Selections ensure that your advertisement only goes to consumers having the highest likelihood of purchasing your products and services. With over 400 unique types of indicative data, we can identify and target a select group of consumers. Learn more »

Email Append
Services provide you with email addresses for your customers. Now, rather than trying to collect email addresses at the point of sale, you can have the email addresses appended to your customer database. Learn more »

Database Maintenance Services protects your business' most valuable asset, your customer database. The United States Post Office reports that 14% of the country moves every year. More folks change email addresses annually. Without accurate data you cannot effectively communicate with customers, grow relationships, and fight competition and attrition. With our Database Maintenance Services you can stop returned mail and bounced emails, and you can rely on the quality of your data. Learn more »

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