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Nanci Oakley - Brown Daub Dealerships

"Dear Dan, Just a quick note to thank you for working with me and the Brown Daub Dealerships to produce sales results for my Ford Lincoln Mercury and Buick Pontiac stores. We ran our first email blasts with you in July and August. Both Ford and Wind Gap locations had the best week of any other stores that week. Our internet inquiries were up along with showroom ups, thanks in part to the local email advertising campaign we ran. Ford actually did a few deals from email, which is great! Wind Gap noticed an increase in traffic from the north, targeted email area, so that was good too!
Your website is so easy to use to upload and deploy our email blasts as needed, and your staff has been more than helpful with every aspect of our email campaigns.
In this soft market, staying in front of the consumer is so important, and Email to Zip enables us to do that in an extremely cost effective way."
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Alissa Calomino, Interactive Media Manage - National Marine Manufacturer's Association

"Our provider strictly abides by CANSPAM laws as we do internally. Let me assure you that we have experienced very high open and click through rates resulting in a significant amount of both revenue and impressions to a targeted group. We will continue to adhere to the most stringent review and hiring practices when utilizing this new and ever-developing medium."

Sharon O'Connel - GoOut2Eat

"We got 492 visitors, almost 400 from your campaign, and 74 eClub sign-ups, which is fantastic!!!"

Scott Tanner - Yellow Jacket Media

"I have a company in the Seattle are that specializes in off-site automotive sales and advertising. I just finished up a sale this last weekend and utilized an "Auto Email" advertising campaign that I had never heard of or seen before. We logged over 300 ups in three day's at our site that was 300+ yards away from a roadway - behind a Home Depot. I was shocked to say the least on the return. I asked the individual that I purchased this from if I could help him sell this program. Hence my email to you. I will be in the Lincoln City/Newport area this next week and would like to show you everything about the Auto Emails that will generate traffic and buyers to your store for as little as 1 1/2 car deals. Thank you for your time and consideration."

Casey - CJH Youth Camp

"Hey Walter - across the board, we are thrilled with the response! It is wonderful to be able to show that a promotional campaign does what it says - in your case it drives traffic directly to our web site. Certainly we can't say it, or prove it, when it comes to print and radio advertising. And, we got our first registration using the coupon code! From where I sit, it was a very worthwhile expenditure. After May 1 (the coupon deadline), we'll be able to have a much better picture of the results. Now that we know that the medium works and, if we don't get the registrations that we hope for, we will need to evaluate the following:

1. The relevance of our programming
2. The effectiveness of our web site to convert sales
3. The need for more than one point of contact for parents in making a decision like this

Thanks for all your help. You have done an excellent job in walking me through this process and giving great pointers. I am thankful and look forward to working with you again!"

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