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Our geo-targeted email marketing is more effective and far less expensive than other advertising methods. Now, you can drive more consumers to your business for just a fraction of the cost of traditional direct marketing.

Unlike email contact services, with us you don't need your own email addresses to use the service. No List? No Website? No Problem!

Leveraging our massive database of 125 million Zip Code targeted consumers, you can advertise in the locations you choose to consumers who have opted into receiving information from local businesses.

Developing email campaigns is fun and easy. There are many professional looking editable templates available for you to create that perfect mailpiece, or you can upload a pre-existing advertisement. Or, if you prefer, CityTwist has in-house graphic artists standing by to create your mailpiece for you.

Automated Services

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» Match & Mail
» Database Maintenance
» AlumTouch

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888-338-8411 ext 117

Unlike other advertising methods, CityTwist wants you to know how well your advertising dollar is working. Real time tracking is provided in your account, so that you always know how many people are reading your advertisement and going to your website.

There are no contracts, minimum spends, or other hidden costs. With CityTwist, we earn your marketing dollars one campaign at a time. Get Started Now »

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