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AlumTouch™ provides scholastic fundraisers with the current email and physical address of alumni and donors. AlumTouch is the better way to strengthen relationships with alumni and donors. Email is free, and with AlumTouch fundraisers can even find those alumni and donors that have moved, while saving money on postage.

AlumTouch is a database append product. Fundraisers only pay for active email addresses of alumni and donors returned by AlumTouch, and all delivered emails are guaranteed for 30 days. Simply, there is no downside risk!

Strengthen and renew alumni and donor relations today, and substantially lower your communication expenses with AlumnTouch.

AlumTouch has three services to fit your needs:

Email Append:
Match your alumni and University friends names and postal addresses to our database and append the matches to your file.

Find a wealth of untapped potential in your alumni databases. The average match rate is 15%-40%.

ECOA - Email Change of Address
As alumni change their email address, you lose the ability to effectively communicate with them.

CityTwist's AlumTouch ECOA allows you to update your undeliverable (invalid) email addresses with a fresh new deliverable email address.

NCOA - National Change of Address
NCOA will help your University save money on postage, printing, and list costs by only mailing alumni and friends that have a valid USPS deliverable address.

Your NCOA output will allow you to intelligently decide whether to mail to specific alumni or friends.

Automated Services

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» Email Phonebook
Custom Services
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» Match & Mail
» Database Maintenance
» AlumTouch

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Find out how AlumTouch™ can help to maximize relationships with your alumni, members, and potential donors by calling us today at 888-338-8411 ext 117.

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